2017. október 4., szerda

Az élet-információ drága !

Forming specific bonds and preventing sequence errors in these polymers has an enormous impact on the thermodynamics, chemistry, and enzymology of the synthetic processes. For example, formation of a peptide bond should require an input of only about 21 kJ, and relatively simple enzymes that catalyze comparable reactions are known. To synthesize the correct peptide bond between two specific amino acids at a given point in a protein, however, the cell invests about 125 kJ in chemical energy and makes use of the combined activities of over 200 RNA molecules, enzymes, and specialized proteins. Information is expensive.

Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 790.o.

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homeostasis : The maintenance of a dynamic steady state by regulatory mechanisms that compensate for changes in external circumstances. ___...