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A "supercoil" ("pödört söndör" ?) ... Hogyan fogjuk ezt az unokáinknak elmagyarázni ?

Figure 23-9 Supercoils. A typical phone cord is a coil. A phone cord twisted as shown is a supercoil. The illustration is especially appropriate, because an examination of the twisting of phone cords helped lead Jerome Vinograd and colleagues to the insight that many properties of small, circular DNAs could be explained by supercoiling. They first detected DNA supercoiling in small, circular viral DNAs in 1965.

Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 799.o.

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Az emberi test = 10<sup>14</sup> db sejt "concert"-je !

"Some proteins endow cells and organisms with the ability to contract, to change shape, or to move about. Actin and myosin function...