2018. május 28., hétfő

Életenergetika: a Na–K ionpumpa

Efölött első olvasásra átsiklottam:

Transport processes are major consumers of energy; in tissues such as human kidney and brain, as much as two-thirds of the energy consumed at rest is used to pump Na+ and K+ across plasma membranes via the Na+K+ ATPase.


... Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 383.o.

2018. május 17., csütörtök

Az emberi test = 1014 db sejt "concert"-je !

"Some proteins endow cells and organisms with the ability to contract, to change shape, or to move about. Actin and myosin function in the contractile system of skeletal muscle and also in many nonmuscle cells. Tubulin is the protein from which microtubules are built. Microtubules act in concert with the protein dynein in flagella and cilia (Fig. 6–1d) to propel cells."

... Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 135.o.

Szószedet: homeostasis (önbévület*)

homeostasis : The maintenance of a dynamic steady state by regulatory mechanisms that compensate for changes in external circumstances. ___...