2017. október 6., péntek

Nem azért mondom, de ez elképesztő: az élet-technológia !

Ez nem csak úgy magától pöndörödik, ezt pöndöríteni kell ! ... Ez komplett gyártási folyamat:

In every cell, DNA supercoiling is a precisely regulated process that influences many aspects of DNA metabolism. Not surprisingly, there are enzymes in every cell whose sole purpose is to underwind and/or relax DNA. The enzymes that increase or decrease the extent of DNA underwinding are called topoisomerases, and the property of DNA they affect is the linking number. These enzymes play an especially important role in processes such as replication and DNA packaging. There are two classes of topoisomerases. Type 1 topoisomerases act by transiently breaking one of the two DNA strands, rotating one of the ends about the unbroken strand, and rejoining the broken ends; they change Lk in increments of 1. Type 2 topoisomerases break both DNA strands and change Lk in increments of 2.

Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 805.o.

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