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Reverse engineering: az "élet" program megfejtése

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic prokaryotes (formerly called blue-green algae) in which the machinery and mechanism for light capture, electron flow, and ATP synthesis are similar in many respects to those in the chloroplasts of higher plants. The bacteriumlike division of chloroplasts, and their similarities to cyanobacteria in photosynthetic components and mechanisms, support the hypothesis that chloroplasts arose during evolution from endosymbiotic prokaryotes that also gave rise to modern cyanobacteria (see Fig. 2-17). Studies of photosynthesis in lower eukaryotes and prokaryotes may therefore yield insight into photosynthetic mechanisms that is generalizable* to the higher plants.

Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 588.o.
*) A generalizáció alapvető programozási technika

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homeostasis : The maintenance of a dynamic steady state by regulatory mechanisms that compensate for changes in external circumstances. ___...