2017. október 29., vasárnap

Megvan, hogy az orvosok és az elméleti tudósok miért utasítják el a projektjavaslatomat ... Mert ez mérnöki feladat !

... These are only some of the more straightforward examples. Release of genetically engineered organisms into the environment carries with it a level of risk that is sometimes difficult to evaluate. Human gene therapy (Box 28-2), with all of its promise, doubtless will present society with ethical dilemmas not yet anticipated. Issues of this kind must in the end foster a closer and more productive collaboration between science and the society it serves, as well as higher levels of scientific literacy in the general public, as we move toward the twenty-first century.

Lehninger-Nelson-Cox: Principles of Biochemistry, 1010.o.

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Az emberi test = 10<sup>14</sup> db sejt "concert"-je !

"Some proteins endow cells and organisms with the ability to contract, to change shape, or to move about. Actin and myosin function...